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Join the FOLIO Affiliate program and earn 10% commission ($10-$21 per sale) on every sale. 

FOLIO is a tool that does two things really well.

  1. It helps people manage their assets and investments, and allocate them like the professionals.
  2. It helps people model and stress test their finances

All of this for less than the cost of Netflix each month, FOLIO provides an easy to use software platform with live pricing, dashboards, asset benchmarking and methodologies from industry leaders like Ray Dalio, Gretchen Tai, David Swensen, Jack Bogle and allow a user to build their platform using these methodologies.

Program details:

  • 12Months / 24Months / 36 Months Subscription offers - We pay out on all years!
  • Great conversion rate of 35%+ 
  • 10% commission = $10-$21 per sale
  • Provide your audience a discount code: SHAREFOLIO10
  • We provide a bank of Assets and messaging to make life super easy
  • This is a great opportunity to tap into the RobinHood momentum and trends
  • 30 day cookie window
  • Very low adjustment rate
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Search terms and Key words:

Asset Allocation, Asset Allocation Strategies, Golden Butterfly Portfolio, Investment Portfolio, Investment, Trading, Planning for retirement, All Weather Portfolio, Cryptocurrencies, Ray Dalio, Jack Bogle, Gretchen Tai, David Swensen, Asset Management, Portfolio Management.

Tools used by demographic you could target:

RobinHood, Webull, Tradingview 

Publications read by demographic:

Bloomberg, Business Insider, Economist, Financial Times, Barons, TechCrunch, Forbes, MarketWatch, Inc, 9TO5Mac, Yahoo finance, InvestorPlace, CNBC, Entrepreneur


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