The Golden Butterfly

Tyler, founder of Portfolio Charts is a mechanical engineer with a strong math background and an interest in finance. He developed a portfolio called “The Golden Butterfly.”

The Golden Butterfly, or GB for short, consists of 20% small-cap value stocks, 20% large-cap stocks, 20% long-term Treasury bonds, 20% cash, and 20% gold. It’s built around four general economic cycles and that a certain asset class tends to do well in each of them:

  • Prosperity = Stocks
  • Recession = Cash
  • Inflation = Gold
  • Deflation = Long-term Treasury’s

Golden Butterfly Asset Allocation


The historical performance of the GB is impressive. Tyler analyzed the GB’s performance versus a 100% total stock market portfolio over the last 43 years, and found that “the Golden Butterfly had a nearly identical long-term real compound annual growth rate, but with 60% less volatility, a single worst year of only -11%, and a longest drawdown of only two years.”

Those historical returns, plus a lack of volatility, are appealing, although historical returns are not always an indicator of future success.

How can FOLIO do the heavy lifting?

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Source: Drew Housman, The Simple Dollar